More ways to Shop!

Just a quick note to all our awesome Custard fans about all the exciting things happening in your local shop!

We now take APPLE and ANDROID pay!!!  It's super simple, so if you don't feel like carrying your wallet or purse, or if you out for a run or bike ride- you can now check out with ease.

Also- we now offer local pick up and local downtown delivery (when available) for Savannah, GA and Greenville, SC.  It's super easy to see what's available in your town, and if you ever have questions about sizes, availability or drop offs- call us!

For local pick up in Greenville use the code "greenvillepickup" and for Savannah use the code "savannahpickup" at check out.  It's that simple.  

There are several different ways to find out what's available for local pick up:

1. search "Savannah" or "Greenville" in the search tab

Items will come up under your search helping you shop the city specifically.

2. when looking under a category, such as jewelry, select the city in the "browse by" selection- this will revel all items available in the city you selected.

3. Each item will have it listed under item details where it is available for local pick up.

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