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If you've ever been in our Greenville location, there's no doubt that our pottery pieces have caught your eye.
From the Planters in the window,
To the beautiful jewelry
Pottered Necklace
It's hard to not fall in love with the work of Brooke Waters Pottery!
But did you know that Brooke is a local Greenvile, SC artist? And quite the multi-talented one at that!
We had the opportunity to sit down with Brooke recently and get to know a bit more about her:

Let's do this! First things, first! 
We LOVE your pottery here!
But I heard through the grapevine that pottery wasn't your original love. 
B: Yes, I was a theatre major and took my first pottery class the very last semester of college. It just looked like fun! After my first class, I was hooked!

C: Obviously that class made quite the impression! 
With your pottery doing so well, do you still have time for any theatrical work?
B: Yes, I am a lighting designer that works at a couple different theatres in the area!

C: Wow! That's awesome! Anything up and coming?
B: I am currently working on Greenville Summer Shakespeare’s production, 'As You Like It,' which begins on June 14th! 
(Tickets are available here.)

C: That's right around the corner! I'm sure getting everything set up and ready to go can get a little crazy, so let's get into the joy of pottery!
Is there something you enjoy making the most?
B:  Probably mugs! I just love drinking coffee out of handmade mugs
Mug(Love it? It's available!)
C: On average, how long does it take you to complete a piece from start to finish? 
B: Every pottery piece goes through two firings so no matter how elaborate or simple the piece is, it will be several weeks before it’s fully completed. All my dishes start at the wheel. Throwing is my favorite part of the process! Something simple like a mug takes 10 mins while a large bowl can take me a half hour. 

(Make sure to check out these planters! They make great gifts.)

C: That is a lot of time to invest! What all does the actual process entail?
B: After the piece has dried out halfway to the “leather hard” stage, it’s put back on the wheel to have a foot trimmed into it. I sign the piece with my name on the bottom and then pull a handle off the side if it’s a mug. If the piece is getting detail work, I use my slip trailer to draw designs on the mug with liquid clay, kind of like piping a cookie!
(Check out that detail! Want your own? Click here!)

Most of my elaborate designs take an hour to complete on a mug. The piece then is loosely covered and slowly dries out completely to the “bone dry” stage.     

C: I was wondering how you did some of that detailed work! What happens next?
B: When I have enough pieces made to fill the kiln, I load it and it goes through the bisque firing. This firing takes the clay halfway through the process of vitrification but still gets above 1,800 degrees!
Two days later after the kiln has finically cooled off, it is unloaded and the pieces are glazed. I use a combination of dipping and brushing my glazes on. After everything is glazed, the kiln is reloaded and fired to the full temperature for the clay, 2,200 degrees.
Two after that, the pieces are unloaded and ready for new homes!
C: I had NO idea the amount of time involved.. Talk about a true labor of love! What gives you inspiration for your work?
B: I’m inspired by textures, color and styles around me. Other artists work is always inspiring to see. 

(Talk about texture! Check out these earrings!) 
C: Do you have a favorite fellow artist?
 My studio mate Trina Piercy with Meraki Pottery!

C: Speaking of artists! Do you have music that you like to listen to while you're creating? What's your current go-to? Inquiring minds must know!
B: Broadway Musicals are my favorites! Dear Evan Hansen, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Come From Away and Hamilton are some of my current go-to’s!
C: That Theatre life forever and always, then! Love it.

C:So! When you've finally got some free time, what's your favorite way to spend it?
Having people over to hang out or going to the pool!
C: When it comes to local restaurants - Which is your fave?
B: Tandem And Thai Restaurant... yum!
C: What's something I would never guess about you?
B: I’m extremely competitive and avoid playing games because of it!
C: HA! I totally understand this! The competitive struggle is real.
C: What's the most awkward thing that happens to you on a regular basis?
 Forgetting people’s names...I’m terrible at remembering them.
C: If it makes you feel better, I hardly ever remember people's names - but if they have a dog with them I will forever and always know that pup's name!

C: Since we're on the topic of awkward...
How often (if at all) do folks ask if you've ever re-created that certain scene from the movie ghost with your fella? Have you? 
B: Haha I have gotten that question a few times!
However, I’m not one to kiss and tell ;)
C: Do you have a spirit animal?
Sugar Glider! I have two, Luna and Midna. <3
Brooke and Luna
C: AWWW! Look at that cute little babe! 
C: What's your happiest memory?
B: Driving away with Dan from our wedding reception. We had an hour drive, he had laryngitis and I was sick from sleep deprivation and the stress of the week, but at that moment the stress was gone and we were just so happy to be together. 
C: That's so sweet!

C: Alright! You made it to the end! 
Any parting words of wisdom for the masses?
B:  I just try to live simply, surround myself with good people, work hard at whatever task is before me and trust God to take care of the rest! 

And there you have it, folks! All you needed to know (and probably a little bit more) about the one. the only! Brooke Dersch - Owner of Brooke Waters Pottery. 
Until next time,

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