Edible Glitter (multiple color options)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of edible glitter, the one item you never knew you needed in your life! Edible glitter adds sparkle and excitement to all sorts of things; waters, champagnes, cocktails and baked goods. These are such a blast at color themed parties (especially themed like say, mardi gras), tailgates, birthday parties, etc. Edible glitter is completely digestible and made with FDA approved ingredients. 

A side note: a little glitter goes a looong way so these containers will last for a good while and don't forget the shimmer spoons for easy adding and stirring!

Enjoy shimmering!

Mica based pearlescents, dextrose and FDA approved color additives 

4g containers
Serves 30-40 6oz beverages 
No flavor 
No texture
100% FDA approved ingredients 
Does not dissolve or sink
Made in the USA 
Also available for local pickup in Greenville, SC