The Seymour Cocktail Mixer

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Bar scene not your scene right now?  Don't worry, we've got your back!  Times have changed, happy hour has changed, and social gatherings have changed too.  If you're looking for a classy cocktail without the public exposure, we've got the solution. 

Cocktail hour just become so much better, and easier!  These cute little cubes were invented to make happy hour a breeze at home, and they pair well with seltzer too!  

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Artist Statement: It was in my grandfather Herb’s safe, in a dusty old basement, that I found a weathered notepad with a collection of cocktail recipes. Herb and his good friend Lou had invented these cocktails and served them to friends, family and fellow adventurers whenever they got the chance. They traveled everywhere, both for the military and for pleasure, sampling the finest natural ingredients from around the world. Their cocktails were delicious and legendary.

bergamot, chamomile,  vanilla Meyer lemon 

contains no alcohol 
Beautiful box ready for gifting
Instructions inside
Pop in the freezer and go! 
Can be enjoyed with seltzer, or vodka, or whatever makes you happy
Imagined for pairing with rum with bergamot, chamomile and vanilla. Meyer lemon daiquiri with bergamot, chamomile & vanilla.Green.
1 cube + 1 shot. Each – 0.85 fl oz (25ml).
Available in 6 or 12 cube sets
Also available for local pick up in Greenville, SC and Savannah, GA