Big Love Necklace

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SHOWSTOPPER!  This wearable art piece isn't too much for a Monday- we promise. This colour is somewhere between peach and pink, making it work with black and white, and it is surprisingly lightweight.   

Love can be a bold choice, and the idea that what the world needs now- isn't lost on us!  Pair this with anything- and we mean anything.  When something is this special it shouldn't stay trapped in a closet, get her out, and put her on!  

Artist statement: The word love, repeating in an arc of intense sparkle, becomes a metaphor for its infinite, rippling effect.  Bouncing light dances from piece to piece as the wearer moves, creating a domino effect of glittering highlights.

This artist uses a wide range of techniques to compliment her powerful silhouettes, rhythmic repetition and high contrast. She uses serial planes to create parametric designs that resemble contemporary art and architecture. Lots of designs bare 3D imagery that is hidden but upon closer examination reveals itself. Everything is a very comfortable wear and quite astonishing!

Acrylic and Glass beads

17.5" long
easy to close hook clasp with three adjustable lengths 
Weight is 2.8 oz
Handcrafted in North Carolina
Also available for local pick up in Greenville, SC