Calm Room Mist

Calm Room Mist

$ 23.00

Local lavender makes all the difference!  Custard is beyond excited to add organic bath, beauty and home to our physical and online shelves!  

This room mist is heavenly. Spray this whenever you need the scent of calm.  Think of it as Xanax in spray form, or spraySt. John's Wart- or spray zen!  Whatever you want to call it, it's blend of essential oils is essential to getting you to relax!  The lavender is farmed a short drive away from our Greenville location and this entire new collection will have you smelling yourself (in the best way!!!!) all day long. 

(Personal testimony- Tara, the owner, is so obsessed with this product, she sprays it over her bed at night, on the couches, and in the room whenever!)

distilled water, lavender oil, cedarwood oil, ho wood leaf oil, ylang ylang flower oil, vanilla bean extract, Hawaiian sandalwood, coconut oil, spruce branch, frankincense, blue chamomile etc

(please email or call for additional ingredients) 


8 fl oz
made in Greenville, SC
also available for in store pick up in Greenville, SC