Ceramic Travel Mug

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This incredible travel mug is ceramic, crafted right on a potter's wheel. It's sturdy, has a comfortable weight to it, and is perfect for keeping your beverage as cold or warm as you'd like it. This mug's design was three years in the making with special attention paid to the seal between the silicone lid and the ceramic body of the cup. Travel with this unique piece of pottery in hand and know you're supporting both small businesses and our planet!

Non-toxic glaze
100% Silicone lid and sleeve
Machine Washable

Approx. 6" tall and 3.25" wide. Holds about 12-13 oz of your preferred beverage. As these pieces are handmade there may be slight variation in size.

For an instructional video on how to put the lid on, click here.

Handmade in Indianapolis, IN

Also available for local pick up in Savannah, GA