Goat Milk Soap (options)

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Is your mermaid tail a little to scaly?  Try this Coconut and Honey soap to soften that salty ocean skin...

Looking for that "handsome man" smell?  This tee tree soap is the winner- plus the illustration is so dang cute! And don't worry, it washes away dirt, not the handsomeness!

Ooomm... looking for some centering... lavender for the win! This soap brings the Zen spirit from Costa Rican wisest sloth bears. 

Niguenta features a lucky Costa Rican charm doll and is said to bring money and good fortune.

Hoping to always look and smell fresh for photos and photobombing alike?  Try the lemongrass scent of Picture Perfect. 


We are in love with our newest women owned line from San Jose, Costa Rica. Illustrator Priscilla Aguirre captures the magic in her jungle filled country and also the love of travelling there and beyond.  With a focus on eco-friendly, hand made, and small batch processing, you'll be sure to find the perfect new piece to gift or keep!

goat milk


Made in Costa Rica

Also available for local pick up in Greenville, SC