Egyptian Goddess Necklace

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Backstory on Isis, she is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility, motherhood, death, healing and rebirth.... She was obviously a busy goddess!  If she were around in modern times, her social media account would have a hard time picking a lane... Egyptian lore says she was born on the first day of the first years of creation.  We love this beautiful bronze sun ray necklace so much.  It's an amazing piece to layer with or wear alone.  The center crystal quartz is an excellent focal point.  Crystal quartz is said to be the oldest living stone on the planet, taking a breath once every thousand years... It's also known as he "master healer" and is meant to protect the wearer from negative energy. 

14kt g/f chain

bronze suns

crystal quartz

16"-18" adjustable length
total sun/stone length is 3 1/2"
each sun is about 3/4" longce
Made in Franklin, TN
Available for in store pick up in Savannah, GA