Multicolor Speckle Top

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So much great color with this top and we love it with black bottoms so the colors can really stand out. This is an unsized, boxy garment made from vintage fabrics. 

*Tops from this designer are true works of fabric art! Each garment is hand stitched and embroidered with details that just seem to overflow. Every piece is unsized meaning that if it works it works. The fabric is all recycled so there’s only a certain amount to work with, thus the non sizing. There’s no size runs and each piece is a true one of a kind. These tops have the feeling of heirloom pieces that can be handed down through the generations.*

• 100% recycled cotton



  • shoulder: 24”

  • chest:  20”

  • length: 24”

• Color: multicolor + black

• V-neck

• One of a kind 

Spot clean or hand wash with a mild soap; hang to dry

• Made in Texas