Pretty Fly Smocked Jumpsuit (color options)

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Walk around town? Working from home? Night out with the friends? This jumpsuit has you covered for whatever!! Such an awesome color that will be perfect all year round! 

Linen is made from flax.  Linen is woven from yarns spun from cellulose flax fibers from the stem of the flax plant.  It uses less water, less pesticides, less land and easily grows.

Tencel is a zero-waste hero.  Tencel is produced from renewable natural wood pulp in an environmentally responsible closed loop process.  In the closed loop manufacturing system, the solvent-spinning process recycles and reuse 99% of the water and solvent used.

Linen and Tencel are biodegradable and can revert back to nature.

51% linen, 46% lyocell, 3% spandex

Smocked chest 

Wide leg


Adjustable straps

Madison is wearing size Extra Small

Also available for local pick up in Savannah, GA