Small Batch Hand Sanitizer (options)

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This small batch, made in the USA sanitizer is not only perfect for keeping your hands disinfected when soap & water isn't available, but the spray form factor makes it a great companion to clean other items such as your phone or keys.  Available in a variety of scents and has a great give back- 10% of the purchase go towards animal rescue. 

Stay healthy friends! 



Eucalyptus + Sea Salt: The clean relaxing combination of eucalyptus leaves and salty sea air. 

Palo Santo: Wood base mingling with cooling mint, lemon, and musk. 

Grapefruit + Sage: The effervescence of grapefruit balanced with earthy notes of sage.

Clementine + Clove: Sweet yet zesty clementine balanced with the warm spice of clove.


68% ethyl alcohol 

denatonium benzoate


isopropyl myristate


10% of purchase is donated to animal rescue 

4 oz. glass spray bottle

small batch made in Fredericksburg, VA 

Also available for in store pick up in Savannah, GA and Greenville, SC