Untitled Eau de Parfum

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A scent so complex, giving it a name felt like putting it in a box. The task now falls to you to create your own story for this contradicting scent of smoky woods and light citrus. Touching on the oriental, thoughts of incense burning in a study full of old books dances with lighter notes of bitter lemon, spice, and mysterious vetiver which bring us to no definable conclusion. An open-ended novel ready for you to write the last chapter.

Ever had someone stop you on the street and ask you what scent you're wearing? If the answer is no- you're about to! 


TOP Citrus White Musk Vetiver

MIDDLE Sandalwood Cedarwood Redwood

BASE Incense Smoke


eau de parfum 

comes with pencil to write your own story
comes with a travel bag 
50ml Paraben-Free
Hand Mixed To Order 
Highest Quality Fragrance and Essential Oils
Made in United States of America