Vat 9 Soy 2oz Votive
Vat 9 Soy 2oz Votive

Vat 9 Soy 2oz Votive

$ 8.00

Staff favorite and BEST SELLER!!!.  Cranberry, honeysuckle, clove, and cedarwood on the front end- then followed by vanilla sugar and nutmeg make Vat 9 a truly unique and special scent.  This 2oz soy votive comes in a clear glass, burns clean so you can reuse the "shot" glass, and will add fragrance to an entire room despite its small size. These look lovely on a mantel, around a tub, or as a center piece, yet are unassuming enough to place anywhere. Show them off in groups for a more dynamic look.




4" tall
Made in  Kansas City
Burns for 20hours aprx. 
Available for in store pick up in Greenville, SC and Savannah, GA