White Custard Candle
White Custard Candle

White Custard Candle

$ 20.00

This candle is part of Custard's collaboration with Greenville, SC candle maker Mercy Verity Candles!  In this collection, we are taking vintage vessels such as teacups, steins, mugs and other various things and pouring them with candle wax.  Mercy Verity's wax is soy based with essential oils and can be used as a hand lotion too.  Her wax burns very clean and of course each container can be cleaned out and used! Everything in the collection is one-of-a-kind and makes perfect gift ideas!

Vintage custard dish, soy wax with essential oils

Burn time is 21+ hours

Scents available are "Cozy" (apple, cinnamon, citrus), "Big Island" (tropical fruits with orange, lemon, limes and exotic mountain greens), "Campfire" (hints of cedar, pine, heliotrope, leaves and toasted marshmallow), and "Sea Mist" (salty, breezy, fresh)

Container is approximately 2.5" tall x 3.5" wide 

Poured in Greenville, SC

Also available for local pick up in Greenville, SC