About Us

Custard is about dressing people, all people, in fashion-forward and unique clothing. This means a diverse provision of styles and prices to compliment every person, and every person's shape. We can help create a new wardrobe or build onto something you already have. Custard prides itself in helping people embellish their best assets, all while reminding us that sometimes the things we may not like about ourselves help make us unique. We have an eye for detail and that translates to our products as well as our styling.  Custard believes in keeping things local, eco-friendly, and fun! We carry shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes, and gift items that are thoughtful and purpose driven.  Backstory and origins are very important to us and we strive to evolve along with our customers and the times we dress for.   We strive to create an atmosphere that is safe for all persons to shop, be heard, respected and appreciated for what makes them unique. 


Custard is a dream a little over 20 years in the making… To make a long story short, it's long been a fascination/passion of mine to make women look and feel as fabulous as I think they are. Once I was feeling settled in my own life, I knew it was time.  Savannah became the birth city of Custard's first physical location in April of 2008.  Loving every minute of Custard's Savannah location, I felt like it was time to expand, and take the Custard vision across state lines.  In September of 2012 Custard opened its second physical location in Greenville, South Carolina.  It is truly a pleasure to live and work in both of these beautiful cities.  Everyone asks me about the name CUSTARD, and honestly, there is no glamorous response. Custard is evocative. The look and sound set the feeling I envision for my physical stores… the same feeling I hope you get when you come by or shop online.  See you soon!

-Tara Kirkland