Incense Cones (options)

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These little cones pack a big punch!  Perfect for inside or out, and long lasting, as well as great to look at.  We especially love the citronella blends for keeping away the bugs!  Plus- 10% of purchase is donated to animal rescue! 

Tin of 30 cones. Burn Time 20-30 mins. Scent Duration: 2 - 4 hours. 

How To Burn:

Light tip of incense and allow flame to burn for approximately 30 seconds. Extinguish flame by gently blowing. Incense should produce a glowing red ember and tendril of smoke, and will continue to burn on its own. Place incense on a heatproof, non-flammable holder (like the lid of this tin!). Always burn incense in a well-ventilated room, away from flammable materials.  Never leave incense burning unattended or in reach of children, pets or a draft... 



Citronella + Cedar: Citronella blended with the woody notes of cedar.

Oakmoss + Fig: Earthen oakmoss and rich amber lightly sweetened with sun drenched figs.

Citronella + Sea Salt: Citronella blended with the freshness of salty sea air

Pine + Leather: The woodsy smell of pine with the distinct and rich fragrance of leather

Eucalyptus + Sea Salt: The clean relaxing combination of eucalyptus leaves and salty sea air

Blue Ridge Campfire: Inspired by the great outdoors. With notes of pine, hickory, and campfire.

Palo Santo: Wood base mingling with cooling mint, lemon, and musk.

Grapefruit + Sage: Notes of sage, grapefruit, ozone, and jasmine.

Virginia Lilac: Notes of lilac, grass, and carnation.

Clementine + Clove: Notes of clementine, orange, clove, and cinnamon.

Citronella + Lavender: Citronella blended with the relaxing aroma of lavender.

Redwood + Rose: Fresh cedar wood infused with a velvety blend of rosebuds.

Tabacco + Black Pepper: Spicy black pepper and the robust fragrance of pipe tobacco.

Patchouli + Driftwood: Warm patchouli with woody oceanic driftwood and vetiver.

hand dipped, small batch incense cones

10% of purchase is donated to animal rescue 

Tin of 30 cones.

Burn Time 20-30 mins.

Scent Duration: 2 - 4 hours. 

hand dipped, small batch

made in Fredericksburg, Virginia

also available for in store pick up in Savannah, GA and Greenville, SC