OG Gem Arch Double Chain Necklace (multiple options)

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Wear this unisex necklace frontwards or backwards for a bold print look or subtle solid.  This piece is as unique as the wearer, and has a comfortable over the head design, so no need to mess with a clasp. 

Talk about a bold showstopper!  We have been proudly stocking artist Tara Locklear's recycled skateboard jewelry for the last three years!  Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and hand made in the South.  Using recycled skateboard decks, and oxidized sterling silver, each piece stands out as wearable art.

Artist statement: Inspired by materials in industrial and social culture, Tara Locklear's jewelry creates an immediate focus on the wearer.  Driven by her love affair with the color and graphic qualities these materials provide, exploring and forming them are at the heart of her practice.

recycled skateboard 

oxidized sterling silver 


one of a kin
40" long
Offset mini board pieces 6”
4.5” long statement center piece
Handled silver beads 5”
triple leather cord 
handmade in Raleigh, NC 
Also available for in store pick up in Savannah, GA and Greenville, SC