Unisex Eau De Parfum Rollons (options)

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Ever had someone stop you on the street and ask you what scent you're wearing? If the answer is no- you're about to! These fantastic rollons create just the right fragrance to leave an impression without being overwhelming- plus they are unisex. 


Oud Wood is for anyone looking for a fragrance nobody else has. Yes, there are other Oud Wood's in the market, but none like this. You will attract all the right kinds of attention with this blend of warm oud and the spiritual smokiness of palo santo. Don't hold back.

Tobacco + Musk: Sweet tobacco leaves wrap warm teakwood, spicy vetiver, and earthy sandalwood to create a sophisticated and refined scent. 

Leather + Pine: A morning dew, on worn-in leather, pairs with the Northern Pine to create both an earthy and calming scent.

Birch Bark: Crisp North Shore Birch is paired with Cedar from the very top of the tree line to bring you our most woody scent yet.

Sandalwood + Bergamot: Like a well worn linen shirt aged to perfection by sun and smoke, the scent is woven together with the deep forest spice of redwood and vet over and the clean, bright notes of white musk and citrus.

Santalum: To the nose, notes of sawdust, timber, and clove give a unique depth to the fragrance that evokes the serene enchantment of a walk through the forest of the Redwood National Parks. 

Oakmoss:  A layer of warm woods, sandalwood and Eastwood, as well as a touch of lavender to accentuate oakmoss’s brighter, botanical qualities.

Woodland Rose:  Traditional rose essence combined with woozy, spicy, and amber warmth to make it something that can be both extremely feminine or extremely masculine depending on how it’s used and who it is used by.

Yippee Ki-Yay:  Traditionally masculine notes of leather, tobacco, and whiskey get lassoed up with the fresh-suede cool of iris and delicate, dewy rose, while sandalwood and amber give the scent an overall warmth, like a sunset in the dry desert.

Two Trick Pony: 

amber / ambroxan / woods / musk

A fragrance enhancer that can do not one trick, but two. With raw, clean, warm and golden happening all at the same time, Two Trick Pony is designed to be worn with another parfum. As it lingers on your skin, it enhances other aromas. Made only with base notes of crystal clear ambroxan and warm amber woods, we can’t promise you won’t be addicted at first spray. We also can’t promise you won’t want to wear it solo (see, two tricks in one).

A note to the wearer: Our goal with this enhancer was to make something pure and simple that compliments other fragrances well. Because of that, the wearer may become 'nose blind' to this scent when worn by itself, but trust us, everyone else can still smell it.

eau de parfum

10ml Paraben-Free
Hand Mixed To Order 
Highest Quality Fragrance and Essential Oils
Made in United States of America