Vintage Animal Fetish + Olive Bead Necklace

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“Fetish" is a term used to describe a Native American carving which is believed to hold special power. Most Fetishes relate to animals. Most often these animals are animals of prey. They are acknowledged as the most powerful providers in life; so, they are likewise accepted as having the greatest Fetish powers. They are generally admired for their strong hearts. Many believe their strong hearts make them dominant and therefore, survivors; the hunter rather than the hunted. 

Fetish jewelry pieces are disappearing from the art market because of their labor intensive production with hand carving and beading. This is a vintage piece that is a great wear but also a collector’s item and sure to increase in value over time. 

• sterling silver screw clasp

• various carved semi precious stones

• baby olive beads

• features 13 hand carved fetishes
• 26” total length
• screw clasp 
• one of a kind  
• vintage 
• handmade in Southwest, USA