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The holidays are right around the corner, so it's time to start tackling that gift list.  We've got so many unique gift items available at Custard that you'll be sure to find something special for everyone on your list!

Gifts Under $50
This is the limit I use with my immediate family and closer friends to keep things from getting too out of hand.  So many awesome goodies fall into this category - from clothing and accessories to jewelry! We make it easy to find something thoughtful and special without breaking the bank.

These men's graphic tees make such an awesome gift for any guy in your life.  With over a dozen unique graphics in color combos ranging from tonal grey-on-grey to bold primary colors, finding the perfect one for your guy is a cinch. 

These stud earrings make gift giving almost too easy.  They work for just about any age range and personality, depending on which symbol you choose.  They're sterling silver or 14k gold fill, and they come packaged in a sweet glass vial...who wouldn't love that?!

Graphic pullover sweatshirts would make such a fun gift for your girlfriends.  With just S/M/L to choose from - and a super easy fit - sizing is simple.  So just pick a graphic that screams your best pal's name, and give her something she'll never want to take off.

Gifts Under $30
For me, this category is for the aunt/uncle/cousins & buddies.  Luckily, we've still got plenty of great options that will keep you within your holiday budget.

Insulated, handmade leather koozies are the gift for the person who has it all.  These are so beautifully crafted and also so useful!  They are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face.

Mercy Verity candles come in the dreamiest holiday-scents, making them a perfect gift.  It also doesn't hurt that they're in charming old mason jars and burn for up to 45 hours.

Everyone's got the friends and family members who have left the pleasant southern winters to brave colder temps up north (though I'll never understand why....)  Well this gift is for them.  Our eco-friendly beanies come in a couple styles and are oh-so-cozy.

For your jewelry-loving friend, these rings are a great choice.  They are handmade in Portland, OR, are silver plated or brass, and they're adjustable- so sizing isn't an issue.

**** Happy Shopping! ****

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