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Summer Sun- The Neon Signs

Not that long ago I took a quick trip out west to source some exciting new pieces for the shops- hopefully you've seen the newest turquoise, opals, coral, and other semiprecious stones we brought back from that trip, as well as the beautiful silver cuffs, rings, and earrings... if not- no time like the present.  I made a quick pit stop at the Neon Sign Museum- somewhere I've always wanted to go- and I was not disappointed.  There was inspiration everywhere!  You can learn all about how the museum is preserving history HERE.  (Keep in mind- I am only 5'2") The size and detail of some of these signs was just incredible. We don't need neon signs in Custard to...

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Some things you never knew about Darby Wilcox... (and maybe a few you did)

(shop the look: sunglasses, earrings, blouse)  Not that long ago we hung out with the lovely Darby Wilcox- took a few photos of some fresh arrivals to the shop and chatted a bit!  Darby lives in Greenville, SC and she makes music! Check her out here: Darby Wilcox.  I first met her when she was playing at The Spinning Jenny with Vilai Harrington & The Hamptones.  I was in love with her dog, her style, and her voice! We bonded over our unicorn hair at the merch table and she made some time to come model for us. She's got a lot going on, including working hard on the second annual summer concert series Villive, which includes 12 Free Friday Concerts!!!!,...

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