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Let's do this! 2017 we are ready for you!

It's time for that same old new years journal entry... or is it?  I always feel like the New Year is a time for reflection and a time for trying new things or focusing in on the forgotten from last year, but honestly, I feel like my new year starts on my birthday (which isn't until August- so, no need to bore everyone with my own reflections).  Just in case you're looking for a more traditional new years post- here's one that I enjoyed reading: READ ME . In the mean time- let's talk about other new years subjects... like the Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the rooster, so Gamecock fans rejoice!  My choice for kicking off...

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Holiday Party Invites? Here's the outfit!

This is the time of year when (if you're lucky) you're getting tons of invites to Holiday Parties!  Dressing for all these events can be tricky, but never fear, the staff at Custard is here to help!  Show us the invite and we will get you dressed for the party! Often times the invite is a good indication of the party to come- so look for context clues to tip you off on how fancy/casual the party will be and, when in doubt, you can always ask the host/hostess.   WORK PARTY: Casual  This dress is the perfect little number for a more casual work party.  You can wear it frontwards or backwards depending on the area you want to...

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