Meet Kelsey!

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You guys have probably noticed a fresh face on the website, IG feed and in the Greenville location- and now it's time to get to know her a little better!  
Meet Kelsey! She's the newest stylist here at Custard and she's so good natured and sweet that there's no way to leave the shop without a smile on your face after you've met her!  We had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey though her awesome mom, Libby several years ago, and now that summer is here, you'll be seeing her a lot more.
(Kelsey is modeling the Butterfly Maxi and Double V cage bralette)
Tell us a little about yourself?
I am going into my Senior year at SCCA. I have two furry cats, Willa Mae and Puck.  I have an amazingly supportive family. I love theatre and plan to go to school for my degree in Musical Theatre. 
Why shop local?
More like, why not shop local? I shop local because I feel like local businesses know exactly what the local people want. Shopping local allows you not only to buy a good product but also allows you to buy a good product with a story.
What's your favorite(s) item in the shop right now?
My favorite items at Custard right now (such a hard question) are probably the new stone work we just got in from New Mexico, so many unique pieces with good meanings, like the stone studs or one of these necklaces.
What item from custard could you not live without?
Oh, that's a easy one- my lotion candles!
(Kelsey is modeling the rainbow duster)
I know you did some traveling/charity work- tell us a little about that!
My trip to Uganda was amazing and life changing!
The day after Christmas last year, I went to Uganda, Africa with a team of 12 to work in the village of Nachigalala. We worked with a church about 4 hours away in a place called Intebbe, as well as the slums of Uganda, and a local orphanage. This was such a life changing experience. These people truly knew what love was and if you have never experienced who these people are I highly recommend just saving your money and travel to Africa. I feel comfortable saying everyone would come home feeling as if they need nothing more. After 2 weeks in Africa, we flew to Amsterdam to reach our connecting flight to Atlanta only to figure out it was canceled. We were stuck in Amsterdam for 3 days. We went from people living in huts to people needing everything in the world. We were ALL in culture shock! It was a beautiful place and the Netherlands is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The airline hooked us up with a 4-star hotel and some of the most delicious food. Definitely a trip of a lifetime.
what's your favorite:
Movie? Dirty Dancing
Play?  I could never pick a favorite! 
Band? Hall & Oats 
Dinner restaurant? Taco Sushi 
Food to cook? I’m known for burning things
Animal? CATS 
Outside activity? swimming! 
Color? at the moment:: yellow (see below!)
(Kelsey is modeling the sunshine blouse and Soleil shades)
PS- this blouse has an amazing matching skirt too! 
Hot or cold-  cold
Blue or black-  black
Inside or outside- inside
Paperback or hardback-  hardback
Flip flop or not-  not
Sweet or sour- BOTH!
(Kelsey is modeling the new overall dress.)
Swing by soon and shop local! 

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