Some things you never knew about Darby Wilcox... (and maybe a few you did)

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Not that long ago we hung out with the lovely Darby Wilcox- took a few photos of some fresh arrivals to the shop and chatted a bit!  Darby lives in Greenville, SC and she makes music! Check her out here: Darby Wilcox.  I first met her when she was playing at The Spinning Jenny with Vilai Harrington & The Hamptones.  I was in love with her dog, her style, and her voice! We bonded over our unicorn hair at the merch table and she made some time to come model for us. She's got a lot going on, including working hard on the second annual summer concert series Villive, which includes 12 Free Friday Concerts!!!!, 24 Regional Bands!!!, and 60 Food Trucks and Artisans! <<May 19-Aug 4th>> 


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Let's Talk Music

T: I feel like I noticed you switching instruments a fair amount.  How many instraments do you play?

D:  I play guitar, ukulele and some not so great harmonica. Started out on flute, recorder, hand bells and voice.

T:  That's awesome!  Do you remember the first song you learned?

D: I don't actually remember. I started playing guitar at 12. I remember writing lots of emo songs and playing the Cranberries and The Verve

T: You've got to let it linger..... What's currently your "go to" album?

D: I can't just pick one. Impossible. Here's my list: "Oh What A Love" by She Returns From War, "Ok Computer," "In Rainbows," or "Hail to the Thief" By Radiohead, Susto's self titled album, "Lonesome Dreams" by Lord Huron... so many....

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T: Those are some awesome albums- I actually met you at the Susto show- and it was the first time I had heard of them/seen the band, and it was my first time at The Spinning Jenny.  I loved them and the venue!  Truly a kick ass show!  Now that we know your "go to" albums - do you have any "guilty pleasure" albums?

D: Spinning jenny is AWESOME! It's an old skating rink that is now a venue. So, tall ceilings, hardwood floors, large room! It's mega rad. Our Orange Peel. Great listening room or even a great party room. One day I want to have people on skates while I play a show. Think it would be amazing. Call it something like "dates on skates" or "Darby party"

And for my guilty pleasure albums... I love Justin Timberlake. He's amazing.... also, Birdcloud all day long. Offensive, raunchy, Bold... they are every singer/songwriters dream. They are actually banned in so many places. It's amazing. Keep fighting the good fight!

(a quick aside here- when typing this up- I looked up Birdcloud- I have never laughed so hard- they remind me of one of my favorite live shows EVER-  The Reformed Whores

T: What's the best live show you've seen?

D: Honestly, Bruce Springsteen. That guy puts on a dope show. He loves his fans. I saw him first at Bonnaroo 2009. Everyone was like, "who the hell is Bruce Springsteen?" And he came in like THE BOSS he is and rocked our faces off. He even did his famous knee slide. Take that, hippies!  Also, the Alabama Shakes, Susto, Marcus King Band, St. Paul & The Broken Bones... they ALL put on an incredible show! Like, mesmerizing. (Not to mention that Birdcloud is an amazing show. Holy lord. I would pay to see them any time they're in town.)

T: Live music is where it's at!  What's your favorite live show you've played?

D: I've had many incredible shows where my crowd floored me. The most recent full band show I played at Revel (the old Handlebar) was mind blowing. People were loosing their minds which then made me loose my mind and let my hair down. I've never had such a big local crowd full of people who PAID to come see me and truly showed their enjoyment. Hooting and hollering... holding on to every note. It was incredible. I was high off that show for days after. So grateful for our community.

T: That sounds incredible!  Love locals showing and supporting!!!

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T: Okay- last music related question- then on to some fun stuff!  Saved the hardest for last!  What advice would you give to beginners who are feeling their nerves?

D:  My advice to newbies? Practice. Play with other people as much as you can. Just do it. I'm a big fan of "thrown to the wolves" methods. That's how you learn. If you mess that one part up of the song in front of people I bet you won't ever do it again... and if you do mess up, keep going. Don't stop. Ever. Just keep going. When you stop you're admitting defeat. If you keep going you have the chance the people will just assume it's artistic interpretations.

T: Awesome advice!  I couldn't agree more!  It's hard to not get stuck in our own heads!  


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And now for some non music related quick answers- AKA the lightning round!

What's your Favorite:
color: I love antiqued teal, mustard yellow, green... lots of them... a lovely rich maroon... haha I like variety. Think unicorn...
flower: My favorite flower is a live one. I used to say pansies were my ultimate favorites, but as I grow older I'd say I love them all... pink baby's breath, peonies, lavender... I love plants... love them.
sweet item: I love dark chocolate... take me to a chocolate shop and I will find much fondness for you. Give me dark chocolate covered items and I'm even happier.  I also love sour gummies... shaped like cute things like octopus or kittens.. dinosaurs. Makes it more fun to eat.
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Pick one:
Black or blue: I'm currently wearing both... but ultimately probably black.
Hot or cold: Hot
Walk or ride: I'd say walk unless the ride is in the context of a bike. Then, always bike.
Paper or plastic: Paper! You can use paper for many more things! Fire fuel, tiny paper airplanes, gift wrapping, cute notes, sandwich baggies...
Tape or record:Record! Vinyl life is the best life.
Dress or skirt: I like the simplicity of a dress. Slip it on and Boom! I'm ready, homies! Let's go! 
Pants or shorts:Depends on how short the shorts are. I like either really tight pants or super short shorts... no in between. I'm all booty.
Sweet or sour: Aw man. I love both. But if I had to choose I'd say sour. I love a sour gummy... even though it's both in one.
(shop the look: blouse (in store only), shades, hoops)
T: Thanks so much for hanging with us!  Anything to leave us with?

D: I'm a variety girl. Unicorns are rarely satisfied with one option.

(Guess what?  You can find this awesome wall AND green wall featured in the previous image at/around one of my favorite shops: The Greenville Army Navy Store

Other photos were shot around the historic West End by Tara Kirkland.

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