Ring in the New Year

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There is something almost magical that happens when that ball drops and the year changes... I am not sure what it is, but it's exciting when you feel the promise of a new beginning, and that feeling doesn't happen often.  Sure, on you're birthday, it's a personal celebration of a "new year" but the collective energy of millions of people isn't surrounding you quite like it does on New Year's Eve.... (unless you're birthday is NYE).  In any case, even though you wake up the morning after the same person that went to bed the night before, I always feel hope, excitement, and a fresh start in the air!  I want to harness that energy and seize the day!

I like to make new year's resolutions I can keep, so, every year I resolve the same thing as the year before, and then add a little something else to it.  My resolution is to try TWO new things in the city I live in EVERY month.  This can mean a new restaurant, a new hike, a new store, finding somewhere I have never been, hanging out with new people, and the list goes on!  It's a great way to build an appreciation for where you live, and a great way to broaden your horizons.  Last year I added "print more photos" to my resolution and with the help of Artifact Uprising I made several books from my own instagram feed.  This year I am resolving to pay more attention to my hands!  I know it may seem silly, but as a lady ages, it shows on her hands, so, I am really going to make an effort to apply more SPF to my hands (face too) and keep them in the shape they deserve.  Which brings me full circle to "ring"ing in the new year!  I LOVE a good stack of rings, and I love mixing metals, so without further ado- here's my picks for the best way to focus on your fingers, keep those digits darling, and ring in the new year!  All of these rings are available in store and online (while supplies last of course!)  Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  



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