It’s Leah’s Birth Month!!

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December is a magical time for most people, but I have such a love of the holidays because it happens at the same time as my birthday. December 11th is two weeks after Thanksgiving, and two weeks before Christmas, so I am right smack dab in the middle of the two. I never minded, though. I enjoy equating the holidays with my own special time of the year.

Do you have some great Sagittariuses or Capricorns with birthdays coming up? Here are some unique gift ideas to keep their day special!

 This necklace from Modern Bronze features a lovely piece of our birthstone, Turquoise.


I love these soy candles from Modern Forestry. Wassail is my favorite holiday scent!


More Turquoise! The sterling silver single cuff on the left features a strong row of turquoise and in handmade in Arizona.


Elongate the arm with the unique cuff from 2Bandits.


I hope I am not the only December baby that loves a good sweater. This hand knit sweater is made from Alpaca wool, and is fair trade from Peru.


And finally, this combo from Workhorse. The snake ring and earrings have tiny little pieces of turquoise set in the sterling silver snake heads.

Ring -$149


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