Cool Custard Facts (charities/give backs)

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Have you seen our new ad in Town Magazine November 2020 
If not- no worries, it's here too!  
I thought it would be fun for you to get to know Custard a little bit better, or if you know us already, remind you of some of the things that make us unique, some of the charities we support and talk a little about some of the awesome people we work with! 
Although some of these stats change from month to month, the driving force behind what we curate doesn't. It's important to me that we keep finding new, cool, unique, eco friendly, small batch, and fair trade items for you to enjoy for yourself or gifting.  It's also important to me that we give back as well, so I wanted to start with a list of some of the nonprofits and charities we have worked with, donated to, or volunteered for over the years. It's a lot of info, so this journal will likely be in parts, so, if you're reading them- THANK YOU- YOU'RE AWESOME!  
(Go ahead, click on them- they are linked and we love them and hope you will too!)

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