Custard Curated Curiosities Box!

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Custard Curated Curiosities Box
Hopefully, by now, after shopping with us in two physical locations, and online over the last 14 years, you've grown to trust and appreciate the curated selection of USA made, small batch, eco friendly, fair trade and unique goods we offer. It's with that trust, and what we hope is a sense of adventure, that we launched the Custard Curated Curiosities Box back in January of this year.  They have been a raving success and we are still just as excited about them as when we launched them.  We have continued to add new and fun things to our evert evolving selection of CCCB items, and some of the items that we launched in the boxes has been so popular with you all, we offer them in store now too! Bo and I still build each box together, and both of us would LOVE to get one of these boxes for ourselves, and would happily give a box to almost anyone we know.  The "discovery" boxes are comprised of exclusive items specifically curated for these boxes as well as best selling items on our sales floor.  Around thirty new lines have been specifically chosen because of their focus on eco friendly practices, charitable giving, and core values - like hand made, small batch USA production, and of course, many women owned companies as well. 
If you're still interested- READ ON!
An exciting experience awaits you! Designed to be unisex, these boxes are perfect for discovering new small batch makers, and products with our values at the core. 
Introducing Custard's Curated Curiosities Box
Embrace the fun and unexpected and get yourself or someone else a fun, curated Custard collection of unisex items for you, your home, your office and more! Each box will be different, comprised of items that aren't on our sales floor or website as well as some best sellers that are. All of these items were specifically selected to be featured in our Curiosities Box. Many of the items featured are from small batch makers, have charitable givebacks, are made in the USA, and are eco friendly. Their common link is that they are all pieces we love, own, use and can't get enough of. They are all also items we would proudly give as gifts, and be happy to receive. We love them, and know you'll love them too! In fact, when we launched these boxes we couldn't have expected how well they would be received, or how much the items inside would become everyday essentials. Now many of the exclusive box items have turned into best sellers in the store too, so we are stocking the boxes AND the store with more exciting lines all the time.
Additional info
Although the boxes we created to be unisex, you can always use the notes section or email us if you want to make us aware of specific needs- for example, if you have a specific gender request, size request, or metal request. This does not guarantee you'll receive something specific to your request, but trust us, we have great things in store for each box.
Q: What type of things can I expect in my Curated Curiosities Box?
A: With a selection between twenty new makers and some of our in store best sellers, don't worry, there's some amazing value in each box! Awesome things, and a great variety. Examples include, but are not limited to, or specific to: travel accessories, pottery, skin care products, magnets, stationary, books, music, plant accessories, edible items, cocktail kits, jewelry, clothes and more!
Q: What if I don't like everything in my box?
A: We hope that's not the case, but if it is, regift it! We are sure you'll have a friend, family member or workmate that will love these pieces as much as we do!
Q: Are the boxes returnable?
A: They are a final sale. Embrace your sense of adventure, trust us! This will be one of the coolest things you'll receive in the mail all year!
Q: What's the value of the box?
A: That's up to you! We are starting with $50- $200 options, but you can always call us and have us create something special beyond these options.
Q: I got something (or many things) in my box that I want more of! How do I buy them? 
A: Just contact us! Although the items we curated for the boxes are in limited number and not on our website - it doesn't mean we can't send you more! 
Q: When will these be available?
A: NOW! And you can buy yours HERE
Q: How often can I order a box?
A: As often as you like. We keep a profile on hand to make sure we don't double up on anything unless you ask us to.
Q: I have more questions!
A: Email us!


If you have any questions about items in your box- reach out!  If you LOVE something in your box and want more, let us know!  We can always mail you more, or add it again on a new box.  Same goes for something you don't like- let us know, and we'll make a note on your profile.  Because we are custom packing each box, you can always give us more info and feedback. Just use the notes section or email or call us! And of course, feel free to tag us in photos of your unboxings or your new items in use.  


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