Gifts for the Adventurer

Posted by tara kirkland on

There's a good chance you've got one of these on your list this year- and while they may have most of the practical gear they need for excursions, we have a few ideas that will help add a little sense of adventure to the every day... 

1. Fine Art Poncho- not only is this handy item waterproof on both sides, it comes with a little pouch that it folds up into! We think they'll appreciate balance of art and function on this one. 

2. Survival Necklace/Compass Necklace/Knife Necklace- who says accessories are just for embellishing an outfit? These are stylish and useful!

3. Leather Backpack or Belt Bag- Keeps your adventure buddy hands-free, but with a little more lux and polish than their ruck sack. 

4. Fun Socks- Just as comfy and adorable in hiking boots as they are cozied up on the couch.

5. Blue Ridge Campfire Incense Cones- When you can't get outdoors, but you want those happy campfire vibes

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