Gifting Part 1

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Believe it or not, it's time to start talking about gifts! Holiday season is creeping up fast, and we're here to help make gifting unique items easy breezy.

Here's our top 5 favorite things to keep on hand for that situation where someone showed up with a gift for you and you were unprepared, or that office gift exchange, or your mail carrier... you get the idea!  All of the items featured here are quick, thoughtful, unisex, and staff favorites!

1. Craft Cocktail Jars- if you've been in the shop, you know how much we love these! Use these carefully crafted flavor combos to infuse your own spirits to up your home bar game, or use hot water to make teas and syrups. Unused, the jars are shelf stable for a minimum of a year, making them the perfect item to stock up on and hang onto, to you'll be ready!  Need extra ideas?  No worries, cocktail and mocktail ideas can be found online. Click here to see available flavor options.

2. Soberdough Bread Kits- another great shelf stable item to keep on hand this gifting season. Simply add a beer, hard cider, or sparkling water to this mix, stir it up, and bake. That's it! Fresh baked delicious bread is really that easy.  We love upping our game with add ins like apples or jalapeños, and the left over bread makes the best croutons! (Trust us!) Call us at 912-232-4733 in Savannah, or 864-271-0927 in Greenville to order.

3. Travel Umbrella- Okay, so we know this one doesn't sound quite as exciting, but we promise that this little umbrella is not only one of the best umbrellas you'll ever use- but it may be the prettiest as well, since each one is adorned with a famous work of art!  With a life time warranty, you'll be ready to make someone's entire rainy season the most delightful yet! Call us at 912-232-4733 in Savannah, or 864-271-0927 in Greenville to order.

4. Incense Cones- these cones are hand dipped and made in small batches. They smell amazing and 10% of all the proceeds goes to help animal rescue, how great is that?! We burn these regularly in the store and at home. We especially love that as the cone smolders the ash stays together in the cone shape keeping things nice and tidy, unlike traditional incense sticks that leave a mess. Check out all the scent options here.

5. Socks- now we're not talking about your basic sport sock here. We're talking about soft, comfy, colorful, fun and playful socks! With a whole bunch of prints to choose from, these unisex socks fit a wide range of sizes and are perfect for curling up by a fire and making the most of cozy times. Find your favorites here.

Want to see more gift suggestions? Check out our website for more categories, like made in the USA, Eco- Conscious, Women Owned Business, Animal Lovers, and by price points. We'll also be doing some more themed gift lists as we get closer and closer the the most wonderful time of the year! 


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