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The busyness of the holidays are finally over, and it's time to settle back into your routine. And the new year means new you, right?! We at Custard know how hard it can be to hold on to those resolutions past the first few days of the year, so we are here to make sure you have everything you need to make your hopes for the new year a reality! Not sure yet what resolution you'd like to devote yourself to in 2019? Scroll through and get some inspiration! 
Resolution 1 - Self Care
Throughout the busy year, it can be difficult to remember to stop, give yourself a break, and give yourself some TLC! Whether it's an occasional, at home spa day, or just some much needed quiet time with your thoughts, its all about what makes you feel pampered and de-stressed! 
An easy place to start is with our Twin Peaks Lavender bath salts! The lavender used is locally grown in Greenville, SC, and will have you instantly relaxed! Use some lavender body scrub and some "heels down" for soft skin from head to toe! Don't forget your favorite scent of lotion candles while you're at it! Burn during your bath, and use the lotion to moisturize when you finish! 
Keeping up with your mental health is another import part self-care are, and writing in a journal every night is the perfect way to calm your brain after a busy day - try this beautiful journal to keep all of your thoughts safe! 
Resolution 2 - Spend more time outside 
If the great outdoors is calling your name in 2019, make sure you have what you need to keep yourself protected and looking good! Our organic cotton leggings are ideal for hikes, long walks, or whatever the day may bring! Add an organic cotton bralette to complete the look and be extra comfortable. Try a funky hat and a pair of sunglasses (with UV 400 protection) to keep your head and eyes shielded from the sun! 
Resolution 3 - Enhance your home 
Your home should be your safe haven - it should smell, look, and feel exactly how you want it! So if one of your resolutions is to spruce up your living space, here is what we recommend: Plants can do wonders for a space, and what's better than a pot made from a local ceramicist! The beautiful elephant is hand carved, and the pot is big enough to hold most small houseplants! If a smaller, easier plant seems a little less intimidating, try a wheel planter! It's just big enough to hold a small succulent, and it was made from a recycled skateboard wheel! 
Is there an occasional funky smell looming in your home? Try some lavender room spray, or an adorable candle (which burns clean, and can be used as a planter!)
Resolution 4 - Buy more local art 
Supporting local artists in a great way to better support and connect with your community, and both store happily carry art and pottery from local artists! In Savannah, you can find paintings by artist David Laughlin and an array of pottery by ceramicist (and Custard employee) Zac Wirth! 
Pottery by Brooke Waters, adorable felt art, and handmade wall hangings can all be found in the  Greenville store!
Resolution 5 - Bring on the color! 
If you're attempting to break away from all the dark colors you've been wearing, we have some strong choices to make you feel chic, while also bumping up with color! This chic, A-line dress is a wearable piece of art - literally! The pattern is hand painted by an artist in Alabama on tar paper, then his graphic designer daughter turns his paintings into prints- next step- the patterns and prints get made into material and end on a beautiful dress! 
Not only is this high neck dress absolutely adorable, but its also wrinkle-free and machine washable, so its an easy throw on and go piece! 
If pants are more your style, try these apricot separates! Wear them with other pieces, or together for a pantsuit look! The color is stunning and perfect for all times of year! 
Resolution 6 - Give jewelry a try 
All jewelry is not for everyone - we all have our own style and comfort level! If one of you're resolutions is to try to incorporate more jewelry into your daily looks, here are some easy and eye-catching pieces:
Our bridge cuff collection is the perfect place to start! They are lightweight, easily malleable, and go with everything! Modeled after bridges across the country, and handmade in Portland, OR!
A pair of lightweight hoops is a must have in any jewelry box - we also have multiple styles and lengths, so you can find the perfect pair for your face shape!
We hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2019, and we can't wait to see all of you soon! 

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