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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Let me just get personal for a minute. The holidays are upon us and I love nothing more that picking out gifts for people!  Come shop in either store with me and I will do my best to dig deep and figure out who needs what on your holiday shopping list (even if we don't have it, I am happy to make suggestions about who does!) Bo and Kelsey are on standby in Greenville to help, and Madison and Zac are available in Savannah too! 

Chanukah is in full swing as I write this (check out this Time article on the Hanukkah or Chanukah spelling debate and this for the history of Hanukkah from the History Channel)

Christmas is coming! (Here's the History Channel's take on the history of Christmas)

Three Kings day is soon! (for info on this holiday go HERE)

Kwanzaa is on the horizon! (for info on this holiday go HERE)

The Story of Festivus:

Anyway- If I missed your holiday- let me know!  I am always happy to learn about new traditions and holidays!  In the meantime, here's some items that have my personal stamp of approval for great gifts (and ALL things I would love to have, already own and love, and get my full TARA APPROVED!) 

When budget isn't an issue go for anything from Pyrrha!  Bo and I both own a few pieces, this line is easily a staff favorite and the pieces are built to last! The chains have a life time warranty, they are made with eco-friendly practices, and come in a variety of ways (earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces)!  Any time you see me, I am wearing at least one piece- if not more. 

   Shop HERE

When you have a friend who has that darker sense of humor and you want just the right thing to make them smile-

try this Unisex, cozy hooded pull over

or this tote!!!!

I would be so happy to unwrap either of those!

For the pet lover: TRY ANY OF THESE

 I have used ALL of them in my home, and I can't say enough good words about them.  The spray is awesome!  Here's a video of me applying the dry shampoo (don't laugh!) after a long walk. And of course, expect a kitten and cat nip spray video in the future!

Another awesome gift idea for anyone on your list, and something I can't seem to get enough of is this room mist.  I own all three of the organic, local, and awesome mists, but Calm is my favorite. 


Another favorite (and this one comes with a charitable attribute) are these adorable felt wall art pieces!


For more art- shop here!

I know sometimes a candle can seem like a generic gift, but if the candle comes in a cool vintage container (sourced by one of my endless hours of picking) AND it can be a lotion (see this video) AND you can reuse the container it's in- it's really a win win!  Plus, as someone who owns lots of pets- I can personally attest to the scent of these being a blessing when you have company over, unusual food smells wafting about, or the wet dog scent from endless days of rain!

Shop Lotion Candles HERE

And lastly, this MUG! 

Truly one of my favorite pieces of pottery in the shop, this beautiful mug is just the right size for a LARGE cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soup!  It's so lovely in person, I can't believe it's still available in the shop! Run, don't walk for this one!


Thanks everyone! Happy Holidays!

Hope to see you soon!


Warm Wishes,






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