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Hi everyone! Kelsey, here! I wanted to share this amazing trip to Uganda with you. 
In December and January I got the opportunity to travel all the way to Uganda, Africa! Even though I was only there for two weeks, I picked up on some fun fashion! While I was in Uganda the mood was always happy, even in the poverty stricken land they lived in.  That happiness was often reflected in the bold and bright choices of clothing and jewelry.  
In Uganda, modesty is the policy. Due to religious and cultural reasons, modesty is something everyone respects. Even though it was scorching outside, the weather did not stop everyone dressing their best. While we visited people in the villages we realized that many of them were wearing their best attire.  We were even more impressed when we learned they were wearing their best out of respect for us. 
The women of Uganda love color. They would wear as much color as they could. Sometimes this would manifest as pounds of their handmade jewelry, or a beautiful and bold skirt!
This is an inspired look that made me think of Uganda. This look is so full of color and personality. This gorgeous Navy Crepe Maxi Skirt is so vibrant and pairs perfectly with the Mixed Print Blouse. While the colors do not necessarily match, they all blend beautifully.
So, what would you wear if you traveled to Africa? How would you match the culture and religion of the people? The comfy and versatile maxi skirt is my "go to" recommendation!

The Combo Maxi Skirt Dress looks good with anything but I paired it with The Endless Summer Cardigan! This Cardigan is so lightweight, but also will allow you to stay modest. Of course, a gorgeous and bold piece of jewelry is needed to top this look off. 

This stunning necklace is lightweight and adds that pop of color that Africa loves so much. The Sun Ray Bib Necklace is aged and polished brass with aqua enamel. It's a unique stunner for sure.
What would a guy wear when he is traveling to Africa? Well, the same rule still is applied, modesty. Most of the men I came in contact with wore a button up and khakis. Men typically care a little less about color in Africa and more about looking put together. It was my observation that the men want to match as much as they wanted utility and the ability to be prepared for any event that may occur.

The Ole Steadfast Button Up is a perfect shirt for most occasions in Africa. The thin material will allow your skin to breath in harsh heat, but it also keeps your look put together.  
Here are some pictures of my inspiration for this blog!

This was a little boy I got to meet on the very first day! He held my hand all day as we explored his village called Nachigalala. (Yep! That is actually the name of the village.) 

All of these children got a day off from working in the rock quarry and I got to hang out with them! Everyone in the village of Nachigalala were rock miners. They earned about $2 a week for mining. When I heard that $8 was their monthly income, it made me want my $5 coffee a little less. 

These were my shoes after two weeks of traveling all over Africa, so I am here to tell you, wear a pair a shoes that you do not have an emotional attachment to!

Finally, this is a picture of me enjoying my very last meal in Uganda before we said some very hard goodbyes. I am wearing one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I have ever received! The necklace I am wearing was actually made out of shells from the Nile River. I love pairing this necklace with my North Star Necklace!
I know I have only been able to give you a very small glimpse into life in Africa, but I am so happy to share my trip with you.  Anytime you're in the Greenville location of Custard, feel free to come by and chat and ask questions about it!
The people that I met care about community and others before anything else. It was inspiring and beautiful.  I became apart of a beautiful family across the world. That family helped me see a new culture, a new lifestyle, and most importantly a new love that I had never experienced before.
Yours Truly, Kelsey 

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