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 On location at the LIBRARY 

The Library has always held a special place in my heart.  I have some of the most fond memories of visiting when I was small.  When I was a kid my mom and I would walk down to our library in Mars Hill, NC pulling our red Radio Flyer wagon behind us with the intention of filling it full of weekend or summer reading. Sometimes I would ride in the wagon on the way there and would fly down the hill that dumped out at the mouth of the library.  I'm sure if I revisited that location today, the massive dip would not be so exciting, but at the time, it seemed like a mini roller coaster. 

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In later years I would spend many many hours in the Pack Library in Asheville. I would use the resources there to help with college research (remember a time before internet???) and check out movies and music. I also found one of my favorite books Dharma Lion and accidentally kept On the Road for several months past my date. This is a personal apology to anyone in Asheville who was desperate for that book while, in true beatnik fashion, I read it with great leisure.  I was so embarrassed about the amount of time I kept that book, I didn't show my face in the library again for a while, and of course, when I did I paid the fine shamefaced.


A book lover never goes to bed alone!

There is something truly magical about reading.  The ability to transport yourself, get in to someone's head, learn new things, and laugh and cry, and get out of your own head for a while is priceless.  My relationship with reading has changed and evolved with the introduction of books on tape, then cd's, and apps making it easier than ever to "read" even when I may not have time to sit down and enjoy a book the old fashioned way. Don't get me wrong, I still love cracking open a good book, the smell of the pages, the font, the texture... but my trips back and forth from Savannah to Greenville keep me in the car for long periods, and I now use apps like OVERDRIVE and RBDIGITAL to "check out" audio books from the library and listen (FOR FREE!!!!) to them while I drive.

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As a birthday gift this year, my pal Alisha got me tickets to see author Karin Slaughter at Fiction Addiction and her new book "Pieces of Her". I first discovered Karin's books though my library card access to audiobooks and I have been enjoying her thrillers ever since!  This year I scooped up a few more of her books at The really good, really big, really cheap book sale. This is one of the best events for readers off all ages I have ever been to! I look forward to this event every year, and if you haven't been, save the date for next year! It is a great time to stock up and the proceeds benefit adult literacy in Greenville. Pro Tip: bring a list, and if you can, splurge on the Friday night ticketed event- that grants you first pick, some snacks and a less busy environment to shop in. 

(Myself and Karin)


On CD I am currently listening to Luckiest Girl Alive  

On my Overdrive App I'm listening to The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag

On hardback I am FINALLY reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

And my before bed paperback is currently Sellevision  






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