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Let's talk care packages!!!!!

Some important people that could be on your list are your parents that may live a few states away. Canceling the summer trip to see them might have been a necessary precaution to keep everyone safe. You can't physically hug their neck, but you can send them some virtual love and ship some goodies their way. 



Do you have any friends that you may need to send some snarky encouragement to keep them chugging along with all of the socially distancing? Sending friends ironic gifts that put a smile on their face is a great way to check in. This amazing little care package includes comfy clothes, funny words, and moods we have been feeling throughout the entirety of this pandemic.


What about you? You deserve a little self care for what you have been going through. Times are tough and the best way to recover is some self love. Make yourself a care package that can cover any kind of self love necessities. I personally love going home, taking my mask off, hopping in a hot bath and putting on a face mask. To make the setting a cozy environment, I like to add a candle and comfortable pajamas to get into before I do a refreshing meditation. I also love puzzles, a warm cup of tea, and anything that allows quiet time for myself. Stop by the store for a socially distanced appointment or make a personalized care package online and we can ship it right to your doorstep.


Some other Care Packages that are designed for specific interests: 

Drinking Care Package because we could all use a large glass of our drink of choice while the pandemic lingers.


For the people completely over this pandemic...


For our pals that are looking for some good energy from the the Universe


Life may be weird, but there are so many ways to create positive energy. Whether it be through gift giving, receiving, or sending a quick letter to loved ones to check in. We all have people we miss these days, but it allows us to be creative in new ways. It allows us to show appreciation for loved ones in different ways, which is a pretty fun concept when you look at it in the right mindset. Care packages can be customized to fit any particular person. We love making each day a little brighter whether that be with jewelry, eco friendly, ethically sourced clothing, or all the small treasures in between that have a good story. See you soon!


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