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2020 has already been one for the books, and it's not over yet!  We have been working extra hard to stock purposeful, useful, and fun new items that we hope you will find as exciting as we do. Working from home, smaller gatherings (if gathering at all), less live events, and more home time had us really thinking about what will put a smile on our customer's faces, what will be affordable for gifting on a tight budget, and what rides the line between useful, practical, and fantastic. 

I have been curating this shop since 2008 and evolving with the times while holding tight to the values that drive me, and this year is no different, although this year certainly has been very different in many ways!  

While I am uncertain about the specifics of the future, I know this, Custard will be there! I am proud that we have so many awesome customers, thankful that we have a resilient and caring staff, proud that we are able to work with many amazing people and lines from all over the USA, and I am so glad we have been able to share positivity and be the bright spot in many people's days.  We have been working extra hard to make sure we keep the shelves stocked with goods from our independent artists, items made by hand, companies that support charitable giving, and local pieces.  We have also done our best to make sure we are donating when we can within our community. We really are all in this together, even though at times it can feel like we are alone.

We know that things REALLY don't look like they used to, and that the added stress of what's going on in the world can be overwhelming, but we strive to be the bright spot in your day (and you definitely are in ours- we LOVE hearing your stories, seeing your faces, and sharing time and space with you), and we hope that while it seems small, a new coffee mug, or a fun pair of earrings will really give you the little lift you may need for your next meeting, or the energy to help you with your kids on that math homework you had to youtube to understand how to do... (math sure is different these days!) 

All that being said, we appreciate you for shopping with us, sharing our posts, tagging us in your stories, telling your friends and family about us, and visiting us in person when you can! 

We know an extra stressful holiday shopping season is ahead of us... budgets may be smaller, gatherings may be virtual, shipping times may get longer, but don't worry- we are here and we are READY!  Honestly, I can't wait to help you shop for the holidays! It's one of my favorite times of the year.  I love learning about the people you're shopping for and really thinking what will make a good gift for them. My staff and I look forward to making the holiday shopping easy, fun, and as painless as possible.  


At this time we are open our regular hours, can easily gift wrap for in-store AND online purchases, have free shipping online, and are offering afterpay at check out to help lighten the load for those who need it.

Aside from Afterpay, one of the best new features on the website allows for you to send us notes when you make online purchases. You can use this for asking us to gift wrap, check on in store pick up or downtown drop off, or if one item needs to ship somewhere else, or if you want to include a note to us for any reason.  


I'm not kidding- all these items are pieces I use in my own home, can't get enough of, and have road tested and approved. 

SHOP INCENSE CONES  These are my favorite new arrivals, mostly because we have many pets and sometimes a candle gets forgotten, and honestly, there's just something so disappointing about waking up in the morning and realizing you wasted the good scents on being asleep. These smell SO good, and the scent lasts long beyond the burn time.

Here they are in use in my home:

moving on... 

SHOP COCKTAIL CUBES I do really enjoy a craft cocktail out, and I also keep a fully stocked bar at home, so originally, I was not so sure I would enjoy these infused cubes, but it turns out, they check out!  So easy to use, but so tasty too! I can't recommend them enough, and they make great gifts because you can make these cocktails too. Simply add seltzer to them and they make a great mocktail too. 

Speaking of the cocktails- we really do enjoy our drinking glasses too!  Both ROCKS and PINT. 

Here's a few shots of them in action- both cocktail and mocktail alike. 

Real talk- I hate socks!  It's true. I am just not a sock person, but sometimes you just have to wear them... and you know, around September last year, I fell in love with some socks... and here we are, almost the end of October, and I have added many more to my collection.  What I like the most (aside from the fun prints and cute bottoms) is how well they hold up in the wash! 



(So cute, even the cat needs to hold them!)

(for the record, I really looked for a photo of me with socks on... seems I have no evidence to back my claims, so just take my word for it, the SOCKS we sell are awesome!)

Not available online, but available in both stores- the bread kits have become a quick and tasty treat as well as gift.  Flavors like "everything but the bagel", "hatch green chili cheddar",  "apple fritter" and "cinnamon swirl" are all too good to pass up.  The kits are simple to make, all you do is add beer, cider OR sparkling water and bake!  

(Our first bake)

(Here's the original flavor paired up with some LEMONBIRD JAMS that we ordered from her website)

Okay- last plug of the journal- it's our new pottery!  We have stocked our house with mugs, cups, rocks glasses, bowls and more! We can't get enough.  These handmade pieces all have the right amount of character, modern colors, and function... we just love them, and feel like you will too. SHOP POTTERY HERE 

Pottery in use:

If you made it this far- thanks so much!

Hope to see you soon!



SHOP FACE COVERS HERE (this sparkle one is one of my favs!)

While typing this up I was enjoying: Sarah Shook & the Disarmers Album "Sidelong" and my favorite song on that album is Dwight Yoakam 





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